Quality transportation provider:

Whether you’re here out of your own pocket, or you’re looking to allow us to help you our through the financial institution such as insurance or worker’s compensation, we are here.  We are widely welcoming of new accounts and clients who are looking for personalized assistance, and we will always do our best to give you exactly you’re looking for, including helping you figure out what exactly that is, if you need it.

Mailling Address

Physical Address

Changes or Cancellation Policy

At TMT, we do require 24-hour notice for any changes or cancelations.

Long-distance transportation service: 100 miles and greater, or hourly rated rides, we require 48-hour notice for any changes or cancelations.

If the customer does need to make any changes or cancel, please be advised all sales are final and the full amount will be charged.

Person Belongings: Trust medical is not responsible for any missing items.  In case the customer’s belongings were left in the vehicle, it is not the staff’s responsibility to deliver or return personal belongings, if there are items that may have been left behind, please call the office and a TMT team member would gladly assist you in picking it up from our office.

Safety and Regulation

It is the attendee and/ or caregivers responsibility to secure passengers wheelchair, walker or scooter to the vehicle.