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Gurney transportation services across the San Francisco Bay Area, providing passengers with comfortable, timely, safe, and reliable transport for non-emergency medical needs

How Does Gurney Transport Work?

Our passengers requiring gurney transport receive special attention upon pickup and drop off. As experienced professionals in the industry, we understand the gentle care needed to safely transport your loved ones with our gurney transportation services.

Comfort Ensuring a comfortable journey for our passengers is our top priority. From the moment we pick them up until drop off, we use specialized equipment designed for comfort and ease of transport, ensuring a smooth ride for your loved ones.

Safety At Trust Medical Transportation TMT, safety is our highest priority. All our vehicles are routinely inspected to ensure they are functioning properly. Our gurney transport drivers are knowledgeable and trained on all standard practices to protect the patient’s health during transport.

Reliability Timeliness is crucial for medical appointments. Our drivers maintain excellent communication with all relevant parties during every trip. Passengers, loved ones, and concerned parties receive updates on pickup and drop-off times, ensuring a smooth and reliable transport process.

What Does Gurney Transportation Include?

  • Passenger Pickup and Drop-off: We carefully transfer passengers from their bed to our gurneys and transport them to their destination, ensuring a smooth transition at each step.
  • Reliable Communication: We maintain clear and consistent communication with all parties involved while passengers are in our care.
  • Specialized Equipment: Our gurney transportation equipment is designed to ensure a comfortable and secure ride for all passengers.

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