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Health Care Family

Social Worker, Case Manager, and Medical Assistant

Social Worker:

 Working as a social worker, a person will be responsible for working cases with patients directly.  Focused on making sure that every person is cared-for from one location to another and every step of the way in between.  A social worker will be able to be the liaison that is always acting on behalf of the patient or client, whoever they may be.  This position is more entry-level than a case manager and will be ideal for those who want to get into the world of social work in real-life situations.

There are a lot of jobs out there that will offer you comfort, a fulfilling career, and tasks that make you see the worth in what you’re doing.  If you’re looking for a job on a career path that is entirely focused on, and, human care and making sure that everyone gets the protection and support they need, then you may be a good fit for the TMT team. There are three main roles to learn about, each focused on quality of professionalism,  human resources, and a selection of team members that feel the same way that you do. It’s a social worker process. 
Case Manager:
When you’re a case manager, you’ll be a supervisor in charge of keeping social workers on-task and making sure everything gets done on a timely basis. This person will be responsible for allowing social workers to be in touch with the relevant authorities including nursing homes or health centers and more.  They can also be engaged in specific, certain cases with patients as needed.  In a supervising position, a case manager oversees social workers and medical assistants to make sure everyone is working together smoothly and effectively to get the various jobs done.  A great option for those with past experience in case management or as social workers or medical assistants.
Medical Assistant:
This lower-level job is an important role on a team simply to make sure that everyone gets the supplies and tasks are done that need to be done.  The “person behind the curtain”, a medical assistanthttps://www.trustmtrans.com/services/wheelchair-transportation/ will be responsible for working on testing, labeling, and all sorts of smaller medical-related tasks that will be perfect for all those that are looking to get in on the ground level of personal care and be part of a team where everyone’s tasks are important and linked together as well.
 Having a fulfilling job is important and working as part of a team that is supportive of each other and also focused on protecting everyone’s needs, is even more so.  As such, we focus on making sure that each of our roles is carefully filled with professionals who are focused on patients and their quality of care. With these roles explained, this helps us to make sure that anyone who applies to be part of our team is a good fit simply because everyone’s priorities are aligned.