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Healthcare professionals

Trust Medical Transportation TMT enhances healthcare professionals’ work by offering comprehensive non-emergency medical transportation services. Our offerings include:Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT): Safe and timely transport for patients to medical appointments, ensuring they receive the care they need without emergency services.Wheelchair Transportation:Wheelchair Transportation: Specialized transportation for patients who use wheelchairs, equipped with vehicles that ensure safety and comfort.Stretcher Transportation: For patients who need to be transported on a stretcher, we provide the necessary equipment and care during the transport.Patient Hospital Discharge: Smooth and efficient transportation service from hospital to home or another care facility, aiding in the discharge process.Stairs Assistance: We offer assistance for patients who need help navigating stairs, ensuring they can move safely in and out of their homes or medical facilities.Long Distance Non-Emergency Transport: For patients who need to travel long distances to reach their medical appointments or treatment centers, we provide comfortable and reliable transportation.Our services are designed to make healthcare more accessible, allowing professionals to ensure their patients receive timely and efficient care, even outside the clinical setting. Trust Medical Transportation TMT’s dedication to reliability, safety, and comfort makes us a valuable partner in the healthcare process, streamlining patient logistics for healthcare providers.