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Every year, 6 million people in the US miss medical care due to transportation issues.

However, Trust Medical Transportation TMT aims to change that. Healthcare organizations can now help resolve patients’ transportation challenges by requesting door-to-door non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) and wheelchair rides. Consequently, this initiative will help reverse the annual $150 billion economic loss due to missed appointments, thereby facilitating seamless care from start to finish.
Revolutionizing Patient Transportation
Trust Medical Transportation TMT is dedicated to reimagining patient access to healthcare through efficient and reliable transportation services. By providing timely and comfortable rides, we ensure that patients never miss a medical appointment due to transportation barriers.
Benefits of TMT’s Transportation Services
Door-to-Door Service
Our NEMT and wheelchair rides offer door-to-door service, picking up patients from their homes and safely transporting them to their medical appointments.
Improving Health Outcomes
Reliable transportation reduces the number of missed appointments, thus leading to better health outcomes and continuity of care for patients.
Economic Impact
By reducing missed appointments, we help mitigate the $150 billion annual economic loss, contributing to a more efficient healthcare system.
Comprehensive Care
From start to finish, our services facilitate seamless care, ensuring that patients receive the medical attention they need without interruptions.
Addressing Social Determinants of Health
Trust Medical Transportation TMT empowers healthcare coordinators to address social determinants of health through a single text message. By simplifying the process of booking transportation, we help healthcare organizations provide holistic care that extends beyond the clinic.
How It Works
  1. Request a Ride: Healthcare coordinators can easily request NEMT and wheelchair rides for patients through a simple text message.
  2. Door-to-Door Service: Our professional drivers provide door-to-door service, picking up and dropping off patients safely and on time.
  3. Seamless Coordination: We keep all parties informed and updated throughout the transportation process, ensuring a smooth and reliable experience.
Join Us in Reimagining Patient Transportation
Together, we can make a significant impact on healthcare accessibility. Trust Medical Transportation TMT is committed to providing reliable, efficient, and comfortable transportation services that ensure patients never miss a medical appointment.
Contact Us Today
To learn more about our services or to request a ride, contact us at 650-799-9921 or email us at trustmtrans@outlook.com. Let’s work together to improve patient access to healthcare and enhance overall health outcomes.

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