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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Service  

 Getting to and from a spot should be easy no matter what you’re dealing with, where you’re dealing with it, or why.  The reality is that this is not often the case for those that fall into the “other” category.  It’s a hard reality that is definitely frustrating to anyone who wants to get the proper treatment when it comes to transportation.  However, all you need to know is to call Trust Medical Transportation TMT.  We are focused on making sure that no one feels like an outsider because, to us, no one is an outsider.  That’s what we’re all about at our most basic level.  In terms of transportation, we’re more than happy to help with a series of non-emergency medical transportation service needs.  To help you learn about them and understand how we can assist each customer, here is a list of options and more about each one to see if it is going to fit the bill for what you need:

  • Wheelchair transportation
  • Gurney Transportation
  • Stair assistance
  • Hospital patients discharge

These are all targeted to make sure that no one is left out of our inclusive service. In this way, we are focused on making sure that we destroy the concept of “other” when it comes to transportation and the medical profession.  Like what you’re seeing?  Keep reading for more. Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Service  


Wheelchair transportation

When living life in a wheelchair – whether it’s long-term short-term or anywhere in between these two – you understand that nothing is as “easy” as it should be.  From seating at restaurants to trips to a friend’s house and all sorts of other things, life is harder than it should be.  We are proud to offer wheelchair transportation to make sure that you can get affordable transportation wherever you want to go for medical purposes.  Whether it’s a simple “back and forth”, or a trip with multiple spots, we focus on offering the right kind of transport for all wheelchair users.  It’s simply about making transportation accessible, whatever that may mean for those in wheelchairs.

Gurney Transportation

For those that require specialized transportation who are confined to a bed or a straight position for travel, we can also offer our gurney transportation services.  We have vehicles that are specifically designed to be able to fit gurneys in comfort as well as safety.  This allows us to help you get to those medical appointments or other places safely without having to inconvenience yourself or even go against medical orders by being in any other position than on a gurney.  We are focused on bringing the convenience to you without you having to pay anything sort of extra charge just for requiring it.

Stair assistance
            If stairs are known for giving you issues – whether it’s just a few, or a whole lot – you will be able to find some relief in allowing  Trust Med TMT to come in and give you stair assistance wherever you may be going.  Upon alerting us to needing help, you don’t need to give us a reason or an explanation. Just say that you needs stairs assistance on your outing and we’ll be happy to give you a hand.  Our entire job is to make your life easier when it comes to your assistance and transportation needs.  We’ll do what it takes to make sure that we can provide that for you in whatever form it needs to take.


Hospital patients discharge

If you are in a hospital and know that you are going to need some assistance in getting home but don’t have any way to get there, than allow us to help you out in your time of need.  We can gladly help with hospital patients discharge to make sure that you are going to be able to get home safely and comfortably so that you will be able to rest and recover at your own pace.  There’s enough going on in your life with recuperating that transportation should not be one of those things taking up space on your “to worry about” list.  We can take it off with our trustworthy transportation and modified vehicles so that you can get home however you need to and you won’t be inconvenienced by using traditional, non-sympathetic options.

This is designed for

The thing to remember with us at TMT is that these services are all intended as non-emergency medical transportation.  When you are dealing with a medical emergency, calling the appropriate emergency services is recommended.  However, for all non-emergency services, we will be glad to help you out with our extensive fleet of vehicles, local-based business, and focus on making sure that everyone is included in our dependable and professional quality transportation services.


For the right kind of service every and any time that you need it, look no further than Trust Medic to provide it for you.

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Non-Emergency Medical Transportation Service  


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