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When utilizing Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT) services, it’s important to understand the various types of charges that may apply to ensure transparent and expected billing. Here’s an outline of potential fees:

Base Fee:
This is a standard charge that accounts for the type of service needed, which can include:

– Ambulatory Services: For those who can walk on their own or with minor assistance.
– Wheelchair Services: For passengers who require a wheelchair-accessible vehicle.
– Stretcher Services: For individuals who must remain in a prone position during transport.

The base fee is determined by the level of service complexity and the resources required for the trip.

Mileage Charges:
Most NEMT services include a per-mile fee that covers the distance traveled from the pickup point to the destination. The per-mile rate may vary based on the service area and the type of vehicle used.

Round-Trip Services and Wait Time:**
If a patient needs round-trip services, NEMT providers may add wait time fees to the total cost. These are usually calculated in increments (such as every 15 or 30 minutes) and cover the time the transport vehicle and personnel need to wait for the patient.

Attendant Charges:
When a patient’s condition requires the presence of an attendant during the trip, additional fees for the attendant’s time and assistance may be included.

It’s advisable for individuals to request a full quote that includes all these potential charges before booking NEMT services. This ensures clarity and helps avoid unexpected costs. Always check with the NEMT provider for their specific pricing structure and any potential additional fees that could apply to your situation.